Of the more than 30 million people injured across the country each year, many are the victims of severe negligence. When you’ve been injured in an accident that could have easily been prevented, you need lawyers who know how to get what you are entitled to. The Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, is Waterbury’s leading personal injury firm, and our dedicated team of Connecticut personal injury lawyers will work tirelessly to inform you of your legal rights, get you medical care, represent you in court, and ultimately get your due compensation.

You are often dealing with unfair pressures:

  • The insurance company pressuring you
  • Missed work time
  • Inability to afford medical care upfront
  • Medical misdiagnosis (such as not diagnosing injuries that are causing you pain)
  • Not fully understanding your rights to compensation

It’s because of these pressures that our law firm will walk you through all of your rights and each step of the litigation process.

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Nobody likes to part ways with their hard-earned money. That’s why you need to fight for everything that is owed to you. If you want to get what you are entitled to, then you need Connecticut’s most aggressive personal injury lawyers. Our team will take it as far as it needs to go if it means getting you every last dollar.

One issue that our clients normally run into is the trend of insurance companies shortchanging victims of personal injury accidents. This often makes it difficult to afford medical care. With more than 40 years of experience between us, we are prepared to fight for your rights in court in the fields of:

Car and automobile accidentsSlip-and-fall accidents
Trucking accidentsDog bites
Motorcycle accidentsCatastrophic accidents
Pedestrian and bike accidentsProduct liability
Commercial vehicle accidentsMedical malpractice
Bus accidentsWrongful death/fatal accidents

Our lawyers know exactly what it takes to win these cases, and by compiling the evidence and playing hardball with the insurance companies, we will make sure we get the most for your settlement. You focus on getting better. We focus on winning your case.


$3,250,000 Settlement for failure to diagnose and treat inter-cranial pressure leading to blindness

A 39 year old woman reported to the emergency room three times over a five day period with complaints of chronic headaches. The hospital doctors and staff failed to review an MRI taken at the same hospital six weeks earlier which indicated an empty sella syndrome possibly signaling an increase in inter cranial pressure.

No referral was made to an ophthalmologist for an eye evaluation. The increased inter-cranial pressure created a congestion of the optic disc, which continued and caused the stagnation and atrophy of the optic nerve over time resulting in permanent blindness.

Unfortunately the woman died from unrelated causes prior to trial and the case settled for total of $3.25 million dollars against all defendants.

Our office conducted initial medical reviews indicating that there was a viable malpractice action.

$425,000 for a dog bite to the face of a four year old girl

A 4 year old girl was with her mom at a party hosted at her mom’s employer’s home. The little girl was attempting to feed the owner’s bassett hound a hors d’oeuvres hot dog. The dogs bite the young girl in the space between her chin and her lips. A structured settlement annuity agreement with a value of $425,000.00 was set up to provide for the child’s college education.

$411,667 for a dog bite to a two year old boy

The child was visiting the homeowners when their Cocker Spaniel attacked and bit this two year old boy.  The plaintiff received and suffered from personal injuries which required plastic surgery and resulted in him sustaining scaring, damage to his eyesight including the reconstruction of his tear duct, endoscopic DCR tube removal, and the repair of a laceration to his left eyelid and eyebrow.  A structured settlement agreement was negotiated and approved by the Probate Court.

$305,000 for an unsafe lane change causing collision with Jersey barrier

A mother was driving with her three children and their grandmother in the right hand lane of I 91 northbound in Wallingford. She was following another car which had taken a left hand exit and in an attempt to follow she made a sudden unsafe lane change to cross to the left exit and collided with a car in the center lane which caused her vehicle to spin around and slam into the Jersey barrier. The grandmother and children were injured. An action was brought against the mother. One daughter suffered a laceration of her right arm requiring 18 stitches and will require a scar revision, the other passengers suffered bruises, abrasions and sprains of their cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines. After suit and depositions the cases settled for a total of $305,000.

$180,000 for man standing in the travel lane of interstate highway run over by passing pickup truck.

A young Hispanic man driving home east on I84 from Danbury fell asleep at the wheel and his SUV crossed over the guide rails and onto the opposite lanes of traffic east on I-84 onto its roof at 6:00 am on a Sunday morning. Somehow he was able to exit his vehicle and step out onto the road in an attempt to signal oncoming vehicles not to collide with his SUV. It was foggy out and two cars driving 65mph in the passing lane of I 84 west despite the foggy conditions crashed into his SUV causing it to spin into him, and knocking him onto the road when the second pickup truck ran him over. He suffered severe injuries, and despite liability issues after suit and depositions the case settled for $180,000.

$150,000 for injuries due to a car backing into a without looking van in a parking lot

A 35 year old woman was a driver transporting a passenger in a handicap van when the car proceeding in front of her suddenly stopped and reversed in an attempt to grab a parking space it had already driven past. The backup was made without carefully looking for cars behind it and caused a violent collision with the van. The plaintiff van driver had previous had a laminectomy surgical procedure on her spine. The crash aggravated plaintiff’s back (which had been pain free post laminectomy) so that she now required active pain management treatments and epidural injections.

$150,000 for bite from unknown dog

A six year old girl was bit on her face in her own yard by a large black dog wandering in her neighborhood. The ownership of the dog was unknown. Through the efforts of a private investigator we were able to determinate that the dog was fed on an occasional basis at a home about a mile away and had been seen tied up to a run in the same yard once. The owner admitted to the town’s canine control officer that she had also brought the dog to a veterinarian and we obtained copies of checks for payment of vet’s services at a deposition after subpoena. Affidavits from the father, the dog warden and private investigator were obtained. This was sufficient evidence to settle with the homeowner’s insurance coverage after suit for the total face value of the policy and a structured settlement of $150,000.00.

$80,000.00 for fall on stairway

A 37 year old woman visiting her sister’s 3 rd floor apartment slipped on construction debris littering the stairwell and fell onto her buttocks. There was no railing on the landing, the stair risers were uneven and the fall was at night with no lighting in the stairway. She suffered from a bruise to her rectum resulting in prolapsed hemorrhoids and a hemorrhoidectomy. She continued to experience abdominal discomfort and muscle spasms for some time. Case was put in suit and settled after depositions at mediation for $80,000.00

$65,000.00 for fall on poorly maintained stairs at Disney World

A 60 year old woman was visiting at the Port Orleans Riverside Hotel at Disneyworld in Florida. The hotel failed to deliver her luggage and after several hours she descended the stairs and slipped and fell on the last step that had an accumulation of wet magnolia leaves.

As a result of the fall she suffered fractures of the 3rd and 4th metatarsal of her left foot and a Lisfranc joint fracture. The matter was referred to local counsel and settled for $65,000.00.

$55,250 settlement for slip and fall on black ice in parking lot of chain coffee shop

A 63 year old man in getting out of his SUV slipped and fell on black ice in the parking lot. His injuries included a large hematoma above his right eyebrow, a contusion to his face, an abrasion on his right knee, a single lump under the skin, a bony swelling on his right forehead which showed abnormalities/ an expansile lesion measuring 2.3 x 1.3 x 2.1 cm, stitches and a permanent scar approximately 2cm, headaches and dizziness.

Five months later he became concerned over a single small lump under the skin on the right side of his forehead and the emotional distress of not knowing whether or not the lump was cancerous. It was not and the case settled for $55,250.

$42,500.00 for fall over copy paper boxes piled in middle of floor to cover up tile damage at wholesale club

A 65 year old woman did not see two copy paper boxes piled in the middle of the floor between the meats and the breads at a wholesale club. The boxes were being used to cover up the floor tile damage and were not visible to her because the store was crowded and shopping carts blocked her view. She walked into the boxes and fell forward onto her knee. The store had created a dangerous and unsafe condition and had not adequately warned customers of the hazard. As a result of the fall the plaintiff suffered a left knee sprain, back pain, pretibial ecchymosis with swelling, a labial anterior knee contusion. After suit, a deposition and a pretrial the case settled for $42,500.

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